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Maxim Pridanov Надежда. Живопись. Максим Приданов

The language of Pridanov's art is first the and foremost of feelings. It seems to be a kind of fine spiritual-visual alchemy, that language precedes an image appeared. There is a permanent illumination change of classic color gamut in the artist's mental laboratory. Colours are always changing in Pridanov's palette; they flow into hues until the harmony of colour chord is achieved. And only after that the search of concordance begins: what do these nuances and chiaroscuros look like? A mirror? Winter twilights? Actors' scrappy dresses? Do not look for some exact visual agreement in his paintings. Is it really possible to imagine a realistic impersonation of hope, expectation, confession and fantasy? And all that is his paintings' subjects. Just try to dissolve yourself in this art, like in music. Rely on your own associations. Maybe this fragile, shadow, pearl light of hope that shines from these paintings is cognate to your soul.




EXPOSITION: 2008 - USA, Austria. 2007 - Czech Republik, USA. 2006 - Hungary, Austria. 2005 - France, Germany, Russia. 2004 - Austria, Germany, Russia. 2003 - Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, Russia. 2002 - Austria, Russia. 2001 - Austria, Russia.




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